Deutscher Preis für Onlinekommunikation 2011, Social Media und Community
Golden Award of Montreux 2011, Online Campaign
FWA – Site of the Day
The Communicator Awards – Interactive Excellence
ddp – Gold Campaign, Integrierte Kampagne
Annual Multimedia 2009
CLIO Award – Bronze
ADC – Silber, TV-Spots
ADC – Bronze, Spiele
ADC*E – Gold, Online Advertising
ADC*E – Gold, Promotion and Mailings
Onlinestar – Silber, Microsite
goldendrum – Gold, Media / Interactive
Cresta Awards – First Place, Online Interactive Media
Cresta Awards – First Place, Offline Interactive Media
New York festivals – Silver
Epica Winners – Bronze
Mobius Awards – First Place, Specialty/Unique Use of Media
Mobius Awards – First Place, Technique: Sound Design
Mobius Awards – First Place, Recreation / Entertainment: Entertainment Events
Deutscher Mediapreis 2006